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 My little hobby

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PostSubject: My little hobby   Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:37 pm

Been in this hobby for about three years now. Got the Stampede when i started, and i've moved up to the Mini E-Revo. Which is INSANELY fast for its size.

My brother is the one driving the Rustler, which is not mine, but i still drive it anyways.

The E-Revo gets about 30~ Mph on one battery, the Rustler gets about 25~ Mph on 8.4 Volts, and the Stampede gets about 25~ Mph on 8.4 Volts.

Quote :

Bone Stock E-Revo (7.2 V @ 1200 MaH)
Bone Stock Rustler XL-5 (8.4 V @ 3000 MaH)

Reedy Radon 30000 RPM 17T
14/90 Gearing
8.4 V @ 3000 Mah

My new E-Revo 1/16th VXL, along with my Rusty and 'Pede.

The 'Pede was not in it as much because i have to rebuild the tranny.

Check out my other vids!


P.S. The audio gets a little screwy at the end for some reason... I'll be fixing it soon.

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My little hobby
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