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 WIP Game - Paintball Wars

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PostSubject: WIP Game - Paintball Wars   Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:00 am

This is the game I won't shut up about. I'll upload screenies soon.
The game is paintballing. There's three modes (haven't made 2 of them :3)

Split Screen (2/3 done): Used EasySock for this. Basic 1v1 on a pretty medium sized terrain. Maps vary, but some are unlockable.
Co-Op Challenge: You and a friend (or someone over the EasySock network) are both on a team. You battle waves of enemies that come at you. If you would rather do this alone, an AI bot will battle with you.
Absolute War: Best game mode ever. You can choose your vehicle: Car, Tank, Heli, Plane, Gun Turret, Gun Turret with Explosives, and among others. Battle with AI in very large terrains. (Maps vary, none are unlockable)
Note: This game mode does not involve paintball. It's seriously all out war.
-Compatible with credits
-Choose your own terrain/map
-Mini-Games (racing, random shooting, etc.)
-(Possibly) A shop.
-3D Graphics
Humorous Features:
-Passing by standards that you can shoot at and kill. No penalty!
-With the turret containing explosives, you can blow up anything with the ammo you have
-Really dumbass AI's in some levels (Ex. AI falling out of the map and walking/driving aimlessly)
Easter Eggs:
Extra Coins (Coins = Money value in-game)
HP Boosters
Candy (lol)
All out war does not have online features. The max players in a game is 2, since EasySock only supports two players. Since most of this is in planning, some of it isn't done. I'll set up a work log right here.
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WIP Game - Paintball Wars
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